100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary Toronto Diocesan Council


Our 100th Anniversary is in 2021, we have formed a committe. Mary Hawkley, life member is the committee chair.  Don't forget to make sure to keep checking in to see what's happening! Find out more about our Commemorative TDC 100th Anniversary Pins by Clicking Here

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What's happening in the region: 

Toronto Diocesan Mary Matthews Public Speaking Contest, 
Spring Regional Meetings, 
Precious Blood Council : 35th Anniversary, 
Holy Spirit, Barrie (Northern Region) : 
10th Anniversary

For Fall Regional Meeting Dates
and Information Click Here

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The following Resolution was presented and passed at both our 2019 Convention in May and Ontario Provincial Convention in July.

 It was adopted at the National  Convention in August.  Canadian Support for the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 


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The Toronto Archdiocese CWL was formed in 1921 and celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2011! “The History of the League in the Archdiocese of Toronto” which spans the first 80 years 1921-2001 and the supplement that covers the past 10 years is available. 
The Toronto Diocese CWL is comprised of seven regions: Durham; Scarborough; Toronto; North York; Northern; Humber Valley and Peel Region. There are 94 councils spread across the regions with 7,400+ members. The League is officially recognized by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) as a lay association of women and is affiliated with the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations (WUCWO), a world-wide federation holding membership in the conference of International Catholic Organizations.

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Since the beginning, the League has given voice to Catholic women in Canada bringing the gospel values and Christian witness into community and government while serving the people of God at home and abroad. The League continues to be a blessing in my life as I share a sisterhood with other women of faith at parish, diocese, province and national levels enriched in the spirit of our Mission Statement. May God bless you and may every moment given to God with an open and generous heart come back to you blessed a thousand times. "The church needs you, the League needs you and we need each other." Be with us now, Lord, we are listening! (from The Canadian League - Beyond the 90's - Lucille Cullen - Honorary Life Member)

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