Go Make a Difference

The provincial theme for the next two years will be “Go Make a Difference”.

Several years ago, Ontario Provincial President Linda Squarzolo attended mass at a parish in Florida while on vacation. The choir led in the singing of the hymn “Go Make a Difference”. The hymn is the inspiration for the provincial projects.

Members of parish councils are asked to make a meaningful difference by focusing on a project of their choosing. Councils may decide to educate their members in a special way by developing and presenting a workshop. Or take up a social justice cause like homelessness, poverty, long-term care, youth, the elderly, food banks and focus on offering support, providing service, personal care or making a substantial contribution.

Members of the Ontario Provincial Council have submitted the following projects for your consideration. If you work on one of these, please advise the diocesan committee chair.


Education and Health Standing Committee Focus Project - Nutrition Click here 

Education and Health -  Horizons of Hope - Toolkit for Parishes on Palliative Care - Details Click Here

Christian Family Life Standing Committee Focus Project - Vocations Click here

Legislation Standing Committee Focus Project - Letter writing  Click here

Legislation Standing Committee Sample Letter Click here

Resolutions Standing Committee Focus Project - Faith Into Action - Making a Difference Click here

Resolutions - Faith Into Action - Making a Difference - Action Report Form Click here