Why Become A CWL Member? 
(Taken from “The Jewel in God’s Crown”-  a speech given by CWL member, Maura Canavan during the 2006 CWL Leadership and Public Speaking Course in Peel Region).

†   If I offered you a shiny, sparkling diamond for $20 a year – would you go for it?
†   If I offered you a chance to improve the quality of your life, the life of your family, would you go for it? 
†   If I offered you the chance to know God to grow spiritually – would you go for it?
†   I wonder, if I asked you, if you wanted to let your hair down and have some fun, would you go for that?

As we go through life, we make choices:
†   We choose to love
†   We choose good over evil
†   We choose our mate, our friends, a certain life style and the list goes on and on. 

I am inviting YOU to choose to become a member of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.  If you choose the CWL, it is a diamond – a sparkling, twinkling, diamond in God’s crown, and there are many facets to this diamond.

†   Yes you will have the opportunity to improve the quality of your life and the life of those you love.
†   Yes you can help your neighbour.
†   Yes we do raise money for the church.
†   Yes we do encourage and recognize our youth.
†   Yes we take action on health issues.
†   Yes we are a powerful force in the church and
†   Yes our voice is heard in the local, provincial, national and international community.
†   Yes you will come to know God and
†   Yes we all know how much fun it can be when you get a group of women together, laughing and joking in a Christian atmosphere of friendship and sharing.

We need you and we want you to infuse us with your fresh new ideas, with your energy and your positive attitudes – we know you have a lot to give. Just as God has a place for us, there is a place for each one of us within the framework of the CWL. I ask you to join us and choose to be a part of that precious jewel in God’s crown.

 For information on how to join the CWL please email us and a representative will contact you.  Click here