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Araceli Farinas
Araceli has been a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Women's League, Toronto Region, for over 15 years and she loves attending conventions. Araceli held a number of executive positions including Treasurer, Community Life Chair, Organization Chair, two terms as President and is now Past-President/Historian. While serving as President, she saw challenges; particularly poor relationships among the executive members that significantly hindered the growth of the CWL at Our Lady of Lourdes. She was instrumental in bringing the women together in the council and was named "peacemaker". She was awarded her Maple Leaf Service Pin by her council.
Araceli was Organization Chair for Toronto Region for a year and was in charge of the supplies at the Toronto Diocesan Convention. She completed the Leadership & Public Speaking Course and attended Catch the Fire Training.
Araceli is very involved in Our Lady of Lourdes parish community, along with her husband Alex, who is known as the butler of CWL. They take leading roles in helping to organize various parish events. Araceli is a Mass coordinator, facilitator of the Alpha Course, eucharistic minister and a member of the parish council. Araceli and Alex have two grown children.
Araceli is looking forward to continuing to learn more about the League as Toronto Regional Chair.

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