Sue Gribbons Sbrubsole - Northern Regional Chair

     Sue is a 54-year old mother of 6 and grandmother of 1. She believes her family is her strength and main focus in life.
     Sue followed her grandmother and mother (both of 65 year plus members) into the CWL at age 16 when her mother was president of the Pro Cathedral CWL in North Bay. She left after only two years to attend the University of Calgary to attain her ECE. Returning to Ontario Sue and her growing family moved to Barrie. She ran her own Day Care for 25 years and began 27 years as a member of St. John Vianney School Parent Council. She excelled at fundraising, helping to run many projects for student and school enhancement and raising over a quarter of a million dollars. Including the idea and writing the proposal for the Millennium Garden which sits between the church and the school.
     Sue is an 18-year member of Communities In Bloom. She is a 7-year member of the Community Arthritis Pool Program for the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie. She is a 7-year member of the R V H Auxiliary helping with fundraising and running the silent auction the past four.
     Rejoining the CWL at St. John Vianney in Barrie in 2011 she has helped the Ladies and the church with many fundraising and fellowship activities. Sue has been part of the CWL on the Parish level executive as Resolution and Legislation Chair, Community Life Chair, President-Elect, President, Past President and Historian. Sue has also been part of the Northern Region Council as Resolution and Legislation Chair.
     Sue has attended 7 Development Days, 7 Ordinandi Dinners, 5 Toronto Conventions and 2 Provincial. She hosted the Northern Region Winter Social in 2016, the TDC Aboriginal Mass in 2017, and wrote and presented the proposal for the Resolution 03.17, which was passed at the National Convention in 2017. She is a graduate of the Leadership and Public Speaking Course and thinks everyone should take this course. Sue's goals are to fill the bus from Northern to go to Development Day and to help the Ladies of the North with fundraising to take a group of Ladies to the 100th Anniversary National Convention.