How To Get Started:

After studying the list of past resolutions from any level, pick a topic or issue that might be of interest to your membership.  

The following are some ideas on how your can TAKE ACTION!!!! 

Please note that these are only examples of what you can do, please don’t limit yourself to this list.

    • Host a Parish activity; invite a guest speaker from the Alzheimer’s Society to speak about dementia.
    • Provide members with material such as pamphlets, articles and contact information which defines Dementia.  (Resolution ON.09.02 – Make Dementia a Health Care Priority))
  • Host a public awareness day in your community demonstrating the proper use of bicycle helmets. Invite the police to participate.  (Resolution ON.09.03 – Mandatory Wearing of Properly fitted Bicycle Helmets for All Ages) 
    • Be aware that Waste Reduction Week is October 18th to 24th 2010.  Plan a parish activity during Waste Reduction Week.  Partner with your local schools on an activity to increase awareness. 
    • Contact municipal councils and request more public awareness programme promoting the use of recyclables versus disposables from local government.  (Resolution ON 09.04 – Reducing the Use of Disposable Products) 
    • Co-ordinate a letter writing campaign to the provincial Minister of Health and Long Term Care and request the minister to develop and increase educational opportunities for health care professionals with respect to palliative care.
    • Sponsor workshops to promote palliative care education.  
    • Invite a speaker to a parish meeting to discuss palliative care and end of life care.  (Resolution ON 09.06 – Understanding Palliative Care)
    • Use increased vigilance to prevent the purchase of items containing toxic substances. Write letters to manufacturers of items containing toxic substances stating concerns regarding the longer term impact on the health of humans and the environment.
    • Provide educational opportunities concerning the harmful effects of toxic substances in household products and the effective use of green household products.  (Resolution 2008.03- Toxic Substances in Household Products)

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