Regional Information

The Toronto Archdiocesan Council, is comprised of seven regions including Durham; Humber Valley; North York; Northern; Peel; Scarborough and Toronto. There are 98 councils spread across the regions with 7,400+ members. To find the location of any of our parish councils simply click on the "Find a parish" option under the "Regional Information" tab and follow the instructions.  If you can not view the drop down list then  click here to access the "Find a Church" utility page.

To view the Calendar events by region, click on the appropriate region under the "Regional Information" tab.  If you can not view the drop down list then click on one of the Regions listed below to access the calendar for that region as well as the Executive list and list of Parish Councils:



September 19    Peel Region General Meeting
                           Sts. Peter & Paul, Mississauga – Mass 7:00 pm

                           (4070 Central Parkway E.) Click Here

September 25    Toronto Region General Meeting

                        Our Lady of Lourdes – Mass 7:00 pm
                         (520 Sherburne St.) Click Here

September 26    Humber Valley Region General Meeting

                        St. Margaret Mary, Woodbridge – Mass 7:00 pm
                          (8500 Islington Ave.) Click Here

October 1         Northern Region General Meeting

                        Guardian Angels, Orillia – Mass 7:00 pm
                        (115 West St. N.) Click Here

October 2         Durham Region General Meeting 
                         Holy Family Parish, Whitby – Mass 7:00 pm

                         (91 Ribblesdale Dr.) Click Here

October 8         North York Region General Meeting

                           St. Edward the Confessor – Mass 7:00 pm
                           (75 Churchill Ave.) Click Here

October 17        Scarborough Region General Meeting 

                         Precious Blood Parish – Mass 7:00 pm
                         (1737 Lawrence Ave. E) Click Here