Patricia Cross

     Patricia Cross was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, the eldest in her family with two younger brothers. She moved to Toronto in 1963 as a young married woman with one infant son, eventually to have five children - two boys and three girls.
     Patricia joined the Catholic Women’ League through the invitation of a friend in 1974, so has been a League member for more than 45 years, always active and a willing worker. After serving on the CWL Parish Council executive of her home parish of St. Edward the Confrssor in Willowdale for several terms, she was elected president twice. She then served on the North York Region executive and was appointed chair of the North York Regional Council from 1993 to 1995.
      The next leg of her CWL journey began when she was asked by Dorothy McGuigan to join the Toronto Archdiocesan Council as the Christian Family Life Chair for a one-year appointment. The rest is history - she continued on in different positions until being elected as the Toronto Archdiocesan President in 2005 - a place she never dreamed she would be.
     Patricia had been actively involved in her community as a Brownie leader, canvassing for charities and raising funds for church and school projects. She was also very active in both federal and provincial politics for many years, but withdrew to make sufficient time for her duties as archdiocesan president and for her five grandchildren.
     Patricia was honoured to receive her Life Membership in 2009, presented to her by Honorary Life Member Mary Matthews, also a parishioner of St. Edward the Confessor Paarish. As a Life Member, she intends to continue living her CWL life to the full.
     As she says, “my CWL sisters are my second family - I cannot imagine my life without their prayerful companionship and support.”