Mary Hawkley

   Mary Hawkley I joined Holy Family Council, Whitby, Ontario in 1986 and was president of the council twice as well as holding other convenorships.
I was Regional Chair for Durham for 2001-2003.
While continuing to be active in my parish council, I moved to the Toronto Diocesan Council in 2003 where I held a number of positions before I became President in 2011.
In May 2015. I was honoured to be awarded my Life Membership at the Toronto Diocesan Convention.
I am involved in family life and hold a special interest in the comings and goings of my three nieces and two nephews- my sister’s and brother’s children. Three of them are now married and so there is more to share at family gatherings.
I was an educator for over 32 years and worked as a classroom teacher and in Special Education as well as serving as a Principal.
My CWL life since receiving my Life Membership has been exceedingly busy and rewarding. I have been recruited to lead the Toronto Diocesan Leadership and Public Speaking Course.
I have convened two diocesan conventions. I have been a member of the 2018 Provincial Convention Committee that the Toronto Diocesan council hosted and am also part of the planning committee of the 2021 National Convention.
I have recently taken the helm for the planning of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Toronto Diocesan Council in 2021.
My greatest delight has been in seeing so many of the women I have worked with both around the diocesan table and in my own parish blossom into the wonderful leaders in whom I recognized the strengths they possessed when I first met them.
I have learned that my strongest contribution to the League, in my 32 years as a member, has been my ability to mentor so many. In return, they have given me real affection and I know that I am part of their CWL lives for as long as I remain on this earth. I am humbled to have so many put their trust in me as confidant, advisor and friend.
I could not have dreamed in 1986 that my life would be so transformed by my participation in the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.