Iris McNulty - Christian Family Life

     Interest in the league for Iris began shortly after her marriage when she was inspired to join the organization through the examples of her mother-in-law and aunt. During the early years of her marriage she lived in different communities where she sought out the local CWL councils. Iris joined St. John CWL, Whitby in 1985. Teaching responsibilities during the early years of her career prevented Iris from participating actively in her CWL council. In 1991, she co-ordinated a speaker who monitored the first free elections in South Africa. This experience made her realize the important role a group of Catholic women such as the CWL could take in creating awareness on issues of social justice, dignity of individuals and human rights. As a result of this experience, she assumed a more active role in her council. At the parish level she has served as Chairperson of Community life, Spiritual Development and Christian Family Life. She has also held the role of Council President for two terms.

Iris has been involved in various activities and initiatives in her council including fundraisers, Sharing Fair, promoting discussion on League resolutions, assisting with the planning of council milestone anniversaries, co-ordinating numerous speakers, initiating outreach to local organizations and Catholic Missions in Canada, raising council awareness on Indigenous issues and the work of organizations such as MaterCare, Canadian Food for Children, Catholic Christian Outreach. She has met with locally elected officials to raise issues of concern such as Conscience Protection for Healthcare Workers, Expansion to MAID and Mandatory Age Verification for Pornographic Websites.

Iris has served on the Durham Region Executive where she has held the positions of Regional Chair, Community Life Chair and Spiritual Development Chair.