Iris McNulty - Christian Family Life

     Iris was born and raised in the Durham Region and has been blessed with the opportunity to worship in the Western and Eastern traditions of the Catholic Church.
     Iris became interested in the CWL with the encouragement and inspiration of her mother-in-law and her husband’s aunt and began her CWL career in Bracebridge during the 1980’s. The League continued to be a part of her life, in the various places she lived during those early years as she pursued her university and teaching qualifications. Upon moving to Whitby in 1984, Iris became a member of the St. John the Evangelist council and served in various capacities on the CWL council including president, chairperson of Spiritual Development, chairperson of Community Life and chairperson of Christian Family Life. At the parish level, Iris has taken the lead in co-ordinating events such as arranging speakers on mental health, Youth, travel exposes and the Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage. She has assisted with co-ordinating a speakers’ panel on palliative/hospice care and she assisted with co-chairing her council’s 70th and 75th anniversary celebrations and assisted with the organization of the second annual mass celebrating National Aboriginal Day, sponsored by the Diocesan Council.
     She is currently the Regional Chair for Durham Region. Prior to assuming this role, Iris has held the position of Communications chairperson and served as Spiritual Development chairperson for two terms. She has enjoyed co-ordinating numerous masses for the membership. A morning of reflection was arranged by herself with a League sister. Most recently, Iris has organized the CWL Leadership and Public Speaking course in Durham Region.
     In pursuing her special interest in Ecumenism and Interfaith issues, she assisted with the organization of an Interfaith Prayer for Peace at her parish of St. John the Evangelist which was well attended by faith leaders of the Durham Region. Iris remains active in parish life particularly; in her role as Spiritual Development Chair on the parish council. She enjoys arranging various speaker presentations to address the parish community. Most recently, she organized The Parish Lay Presentation Seminars which were attended by residents from several of the Durham parishes. During the Year of Mercy, Iris co-ordinated pilgrimages to diocesan parishes hosting a “Mercy Door”.
     She continues her involvement with students in The Rosary Apostolate Program and acts as a support to the Parish Home Catechism Program. Iris has co-ordinated the Mary Dobell writing contests for two terms. Pro Life initiatives hold a special place in her life.
     Iris continues her active involvement in The League with the support of her husband, Frank and her son, Matthias.