Hilarion Mitchell - President Elect

     Hilarion joined the Catholic Women’s League on her mother’s advice, who was not a member at the time. As a young career mom in 1998, she became a member of St. John Fisher CWL Council in Brampton. She credits the League for the influence it had on how she raised her family; strengthened her Catholic values; enhanced her professional life and assisted with a better understanding of the importance of volunteerism.
     At the parish level, Hilarion held many executive positions; Spiritual Development, Resolutions, Legislation, Membership, President, Organization and Parish Activities. She chaired her council’s 50th and 55th anniversaries. She received her Maple Leaf Service Pin in 2009. Hilarion is also active in her parish as a Lector and was a Eucharistic Minister. Hilarion was Peel Regional Chair (2007 – 2009), Peel Past Regional Chair/Historian (2009 – 2011). On the Toronto Diocesan Council, she held standing committee positions as 2nd Vice President/Spiritual Development (2015 – 2017), 1st Vice President/Resolutions (2013 – 2015), Legislation (2011 – 2013), Christian Family Life (2009 – 2011).
     Hilarion has been a facilitator for the Peel Leadership & Public Speaking Course, Peel Executive Training Course and one of the National CWL Catch the Fire Program Sparks (2012 – 2014) appointed for Ontario. She has been part of the Toronto Diocesan Convention planning committees - prepared liturgical programs (2016 – 2017); Registration (2003, 2009 – 2011); Banquet Tickets (2010 – 2011); Ushers (2008). She is most proud to see the relaunch of the Leadership & Public Speaking Course very early in this executive term.
     Hilarion is married to Glen who has gifted her with their three sons, her passion besides CWL. She is a Registered Dietitian and promotes healthy eating throughout the lifespan. For relaxation, she likes to cycle, take long walks around the neighborhood, dinner dances and cruising. She grew up listening to Desiderata and her favourite mantra in recent years, is “God is in Control”. Hilarion strongly believes that the CWL is an excellent organization for Catholic women.