Franca Bunnell - North York Regional Chair

     Franca joined the CWL of St. Patrick Church, Schomberg in 2012. She was President from January 2013 to January 2015, and now Past President/Historian.
     Franca has been married to Shawn for 10 years, and together they have two beautiful boys, Xavier age 6 and Mason age 3, and two kittens, Casper and Genna. Teaching her children the ways of the Lord and teaching them to care and help others, is very important to her.
     Aside from being a mother and wife, Franca is a registered Personal Support Worker and certified Life Coach. Franca loves her occupation, as she enjoys helping people, particularly those who are at a disadvantage. She helps people take care of themselves, and help them understand that although things have changed in their life, they are still alive and life is worth living. Bringing hope to people brings hope to herself as well.
     With Mother Mary and Jesus on her side, everything is possible. "Jesus, I trust in You."