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"Mentoring in the League can be defined as a sustaining relationship between two people; a discipleship; a dynamic relationship in which one member enables another to maximize the grace of God in her life, to become Christ-like, a servant and a steward." 

What is the Patricia Beattie Mentoring Award?   The Patricia Beattie Mentoring Award is an award to honour all those special dedicated women of The League that have through their knowledge and active encouragement, promoted growth in other members in The League.  Recipients of this award are nominated by their CWL peers and the award is given out annually at the Toronto Diocesan Convention.   For this award, we ask you to nominate that special person who has been a trusted advisor and strong supporter, especially encouraging others to progress to other challenging positions in the League. &Nbsp; Please note: Members of the present Diocesan Council executive, including regional chairs are not eligible for nomination during their term.   For awards to be announced at the 2022 Toronto Diocesan Convention, nominations must be received by March 30, 2022.   Please click on the following link for complete instructions and nomination forms. 

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If you have any questions regarding this Award, please contact the Toronto Diocesan Past President/Historian. Her contact information can be found on the inside front cover of the Toronto Diocesan Newsletter or you can send your inquiry via the Contact Us button at the bottom left side of this page.