Executive Profiles

Toronto Diocesan Council Executive 2019-2021

Spiritual Advisor Monsignor Rev. Patrick O'Dea

Monsignor Fr. Patrick O’Dea, was born in Ireland and immigrated to Rochester, New York. He enlisted in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War serving in Europe, where he was inspired by a military chaplain to renew his calling to the priesthood.  He studied Philosophy at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore and Theology in Washington Theological Union.  He was ordained at the Holy Trinity Monastery, Baltimore and sent to Toronto to serve.  He was the Associated Pastor at St. Anne (Brampton), Transfiguration (Etobicoke), St. Timothy’s (North York) and St. Patrick’s (Markham).  During that time he worked on a report for the Archdiocese to establish an Office of Catholic Youth.   Was appointed as Director of Vocations and Rector of Serra House (1991-2000) and then appointed Pastor of the Newman Centre and Catholic Chaplain of the University of Toronto (2000-2009).  For the past 5 years served as Pastor of St. Marquerite D’Youville Parish, Brampton. On July 3rd, 2014 he was appointed Pastor of St. Edward the Confessor (North York) where he is currently serving. 

     The Holy Father granted the honorific title of Monsignor be bestowed upon our Diocesan Spiritual Advisor, in the Fall of 2019.


President Hilarion Mitchell 

Hilarion joined the Catholic Women’s League in 1998  at St. John Fisher Council, Peel Region. 

Toronto Diocesan Council:
President-Elect/Organization (2017–2019)
2nd Vice President/Spiritual Development (2015–2017)
1st Vice President/Resolutions (2013–2015)
Legislation Chair (2011–2013)
Christian Family Life Chair (2009–2011)  
Relaunched the Leadership & Public Speaking (LPS)
Course in 2017.
Facilitated Peel LPS Course, Peel Executive Training Course


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President-Elect/Organization Sue Lubowitz 

  Sue became a member of the St. John Chrysostom Parish CWL in Newmarket in 2006. She was initially interested because of the joint “water campaign” that the CWL was running with Kairos and Development and Peace. At the parish level, she held the Community Life and Organization Chairs before becoming parish council president in 2011. As parish president, Sue was the chair and lead writer of the resolution (Rights of Seasonal Agricultural Workers) presented to the Diocesan convention in 2012. 

Sue is active in her parish as a Eucharistic minister, a member of the Consolation and Hope Ministry as well as a member of the parish Development and Peace committee. Sue has participated in liturgy study at the parish level for a number of years. Sue has a keen interest in social justice as well as the political life of our country. She is of the opinion that we, as Catholic women, need to make our voices heard at all political levels.


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1st Vice President/Resolutions Andrea Smart

  Andrea has been a member of the CWL for 10 year and has served on her parish council as Recording Secretary and President. Andrea has also held the Organization Chair for the North York Region council before moving on to the Toronto Diocesan council. At the Diocesan level Andrea has been Newsletter Editor, Recording Secretary, Community Life Standing Committee Chair as well as the Corresponding Secretary and Legislation Chair.

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2nd Vice President/Education & Health Connie Cristinziano
  Connie's Catholic Women's League's journey began two years after she moved to St. Roch's Parish. Coming from former Parishes that did not have a CWL, she was not familiar with the League. With family and work commitments and trying to take extra college courses, she was not sure if she could find the time to commit herself to this organization. But with the encouragement, insistence of a very wonderful faith-filled CWL Advocate and neighbour (who is currently with the Lord), she was officially recruited to St. Roch’s CWL in 1988, and glad that she did become part of this dynamic organization.

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Corresponding Secretary Nancy Fenech  

 Nancy joined the Catholic Women's League in 2013 at Nativity of Our Lord Parish, Humber Valley Region, on a Membership Sunday.  Nancy found interests in many areas of the League and quickly agreed to be on the executive when she was approached by a member. 

Nancy served as Education & Health Chair, President and is now Past President/Historian.  While she was President, the council hosted Humber Valley Region General Meetings, the Mass to End Women’s Abuse, World Day of Prayer, the Leadership & Public Speaking Course, as well as the Opening Ceremonies and Reception for the 2018 Ontario Provincial Convention. Nancy chaired the Christmas bazaars and Spring Rummage sales, the Spring and Christmas brunches. And coordinated raffle ticket fundraisers for Corpus Christi.  Nancy was an usher at the Diocesan and Provincial conventions. She served as Humber Valley Region’s Education & Health Chair, 2017–2019. Nancy enjoys attending Provincial and National conventions.

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Recording Secretary Shaila D’Souza

Shaila has been a member St. Luke’s Parish for over 20 years.  She is one of charter members and co-president since the reorganization of St. Luke’s Catholic Women’s League, North York.

She is very busy within her parish as a Lector and is on the Social Committee organizing events such as the International Night, Volunteer Appreciation Night, social Sundays, funeral receptions, decorating the church for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, etc.


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Treasurer Lolita Perry

Lolita Perry has been an active member of CWL since 2015 with Saint John XXIII Parish Council, North York Region as her very first and current parish. &Nbsp;She held various positions which include: founding and first president of Saint John XXIII Council, North York Region (2015-2017), past president, historian and mentor (2017-2019), Education and Health Chair, North York Regional Council (2017-2019), Resolutions Chair, Saint John XXIII Council  (2019-2021) and Treasurer, Toronto Diocesan Council (2019-2021)

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Historian and Past President Ann D'Souza 

  Ann moved to Canada having lived in Goa, Mumbai (Bombay) and Dubai.  She is married to Oswald and has 2 adorable sons, Anson and Anderson, and daughter-in-laws Sarah and Nicole.

As a member of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Mississauga, she joined CWL Council three months since its formation in the Parish.  Joining the league was made possible by her family’s love and understanding and her oldest son’s involvement with the music ministry at Parish.  She was on the board of the Parish Office Council committee for 3 years. Her family has been her backbone to help carry on the various activities helping her to juggle life as a mother, wife, office work and volunteer.

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Christian Family Life - Iris McNulty

Interest in the league for Iris began shortly after her marriage when she was inspired to join the organization through the examples of her mother-in-law and aunt. During the early years of her marriage she lived in different communities where she sought out the local CWL councils. Iris joined St. John CWL, Whitby in 1985.Teaching responsibilities during the early years of her career prevented Iris from participating actively in her CWL council. In 1991, she co-ordinated a speaker who monitored the first free elections in South Africa. This experience made her realize the important role a group of Catholic women such as the CWL could take in creating awareness on issues of social justice, dignity of individuals and human rights. As a result of this experience, she assumed a more active role in her council. At the parish level she has served as Chairperson of Community life, Spiritual Development and Christian Family Life. She has also held the role of Council President for two terms.

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Communication- Mary Tuccitto


Mary was born in Sicily, Italy and immigrated as a child in 1966. She is married to Paul and they have two grown children, Anthony and Joseph. Being involved and connected with their parish and community has been central to their lives.
Mary is a 15 year member of CWL and has held several positions through these years. With her Parish she was Community Life Chair, President, and Past President as well as Chair of the 60th Anniversary of St. Joseph’s CWL Council. With Scarborough Region she held the positions of Education and Health Chair and Communications Chair and with Toronto Diocese she has been Sub-convener for Education and Health, St. Michael’s Scholarship (four years)......

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Community Life Ciscily Winkler
 Ciscily has been a member of St. Patrick’s Markham Catholic Women’s League, North York Region since 2011. &Nbsp;She served as Past President/Historian (2018 – present); President (2016 – 2018); Spiritual Development (2014 -2016) and Education & Health (2012 - 2014).

 Ciscily chaired her councils 40th anniversary in 2018. They were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Archbishop Cardinal Collins during the anniversary Mass. Her council had the highest increase with 32 members in the Toronto Diocese in 2018. Ciscily, completed the Leadership & Public Speaking Course; attended North York regional meetings, TDC and Provincial conventions.

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Spiritual Development Kate O'Quinn

 Kate became a member of the Catholic Women’s League from the age of 16 (a Birthday gift from her mother!!)  In September of 2001, Kate became an active executive member in St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Oshawa, Durham Region, as Education Committee Chair, 1st Vice President and President Elect, before becoming President for the 2012 – 2014 term.  She is very blessed to be working with such amazing, dedicated, faith-filled women in her Parish Council! 

Kate keeps active in her Parish CWL with helping to organize many events, including the Annual Bazaar, Family Turkey Dinner and Irish Pub Night.  Kate served two years as Durham Regional Chair and at the Diocesan level she was Legislation Chair for two years and is now beginning her two year term as Spiritual Development Chair. 

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Legislation Elizabeth Joseph


Elizabeth joined the Catholic Women’s League at St. Francis de Sales, Ajax, Durham Region, in 2004.  She was inspired after attending a council meeting and their parish events.


Elizabeth served as Health Chair 2019 – 2021; Education & Health Chair 2014 – 2017, 2009 – 2011; Community Life Chair, 2017 – 2018; Historian, 2014 – 2106; President, 2011 – 2013. &Nbsp;Elizabeth assisted in the revision of the council’s Policy and Procedure Manual; chaired the Elections Committee for the 2017– 2019 Executive; created a Collage of Past Presidents for the council’s 65th Anniversary in 2016; participated in the “Homelessness Project” collection of toiletries to homeless and youth shelters.


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Newsletter Editor Lucia Vacca
  Joining the Catholic Women’s League in 1997 as a member of St. Joseph Highland Creek Council, has been a blessing to Lucia. She has served as President Elect/Organization Standing Committee Chair from 2005-2006, President from 2007-2008 & 2017-2018 and Past-President from 2009-2010 & 2019-2020. She has been and continues to be very active in her council organizing several events and activities over the many years. She continues to advise, mentor, support and encourage the executive teams in her council for their continued success.  Lucia served as Scarborough Regional Chair from 2009-2011 and Past Regional Chair 2011 - 2013. 

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Regional Chairs

Durham Angie Baglieri 

  Angie has been a proud member of Holy Family Catholic Women’s League for 15 years and has been on the executive for 14 of those years. &Nbsp;She has served in many offices including Christian Family Life Chair, Communications Chair, Membership Chair, 1st Vice-President/Spiritual Development Chair, President-Elect, President, Past President/Historian and was presented with her Maple Leaf Service Award in 2013.

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List of Durham Councils

Humber Valley Mary Grossi 

Mary Grossi is a retired Teacher and Librarian for the Toronto Catholic School Board. She started her career at an early age and has been blessed to enjoy her retirement with her husband Rocco and son Giuseppe.  She has been a CWL member since 1999 at St. Margaret Mary Parish in the Humber Valley Region.

She has served as Secretary for her council for 4 years; President Elect /Communications for 2 years; President and Communications for 2 years

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List of Humber Valley  Councils

North York Kay Booker

Kay Booker was introduced to the CWL by Fr. Edward Murphy at St. Patrick’s Parish, Markham, when he approached her about reactivating the CWL council, serving as President of St. Patrick’s from 2010-2012. Kay has been President of Blessed Trinity Council, North York, since 2015 and previously was North York Regional Chair from 2013-2015.

Kay received her Maple Leaf Service Pin in 2019 and assisted in TDC Conventions  (ushering, decorations and registration). She is a facilitator for the Parish Executive Training (PET), organized the Laps for Literacy for Schools and received the Laps for Literacy Certificate by the York Catholic School Board in 2011.

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List of North York Councils

Northern -  Dianne Hunter

Dianne has been a CWL member at St. Mary’s in Barrie since 1976, and part of her parish executive since 2007, chairing the Health and Education, Christian Family Life and Community Life Committees. &Nbsp;Dianne became President of St. Mary’s council in January of 2019 and continued in this position until the end of her term in December, 2021.  In 2011 she was awarded a CWL Maple Leaf pin in recognition of her contributions to the League.

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List of Northern Councils

Peel Aurora Chavez

 Aurora has been a member of the CWL since 2008 and has served on her parish council, Sts. Peter and Paul, Mississauga, as Education & Health Chair, President-Elect/Organization Chair, President and Historian.

At the Peel Regional Council, she was the Organization Chair (2017-2019). She facilitated the Parish Executive Training in 2018 and organized two successful Leadership & Public Speaking Courses in 2017 and 2018.

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List of Peel Councils

Scarborough Nenita Mackenzie

Nenita has been parishioner of Precious Blood Parish since 2003 and became a member of the Catholic Women’s League in 2013.  She has served as Past President/Historian, President, President-Elect and Community Life Chair. Nenita has supported her council with many CWL initiatives such as Mass to End Women’s Abuse, volunteering at the Good Shepherd refuge, Casserole Program, Rosalie Hall, Rosary Sunday, March for Life and Life Chain.


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List of Scarborough Councils

Toronto Araceli Farinas

 Araceli has been a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Women's League, Toronto Region, for over 15 years and she loves attending conventions. Araceli held a number of executive positions including Treasurer, Community Life Chair, Organization Chair, two terms as President and is now Past-President/Historian.
While serving as President, she saw challenges; particularly poor relationships among the executive members that significantly hindered the growth of the CWL at Our Lady of Lourdes. She was instrumental in bringing the women together in the council and was named "peacemaker". She was awarded her Maple Leaf Service Pin by her council. 

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List of Toronto Councils