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Alys MacAlister
Alys has been a dedicated member of the CWL at Holy Family Parish, Whitby, since 2010. She has served as Education & Health Convener, President-Elect and President from 2014-2016 and Past President/Historian. She received the Maple Leaf Service Award in 2018. She has enthusiastically helped her council with their various endeavours (bake sales, parish breakfasts, Christmas Bazaar, fashion shows) as well as being available for collecting Spiritual Bouquets and speaking at membership drives. She has served at the Regional level as Community Life Chair and Secretary over the last eight years.
Alys has also been busy at Holy Family Parish, which her family joined in 2003. Alys is currently on the Parish Council as the CWL representative. She also heads the Greeter Ministry, which she greatly enjoys, and is also Volunteer Coordinator and a member of the Screening Committee. She has participated in the Alpha program as a table convener on more than one occasion. She has been involved in the Children’s Liturgy program in the past.
Alys has two grown children Alexa, who lives in Kelowna B.C. And Niall who lives in Ottawa. She is looking forward to becoming a grandmother in August 2022. She has been married to John for 46 years.
Alys is grateful to the wonderful women in the CWL who have helped her grow so much, spiritually, and personally and looks forward to this next challenge.

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