Donna Capobianco - Treasurer

      Donna joined the CWL in 1994 at Nativity of Our Lord Parish in Etobicoke and was the chair for several standing committees including Christian Family Life, Community Life, Spiritual Development, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary before serving as the council President from 2006-2008.
     Donna went on to the Humber Valley Regional level where she was Recording Secretary from 2008-2010 and followed by serving as the Humber Valley Regional Chair. Over the years she has worked as a Sub-convener on the diocesan level for various committees including Christian Family Life, Community Life and Resolutions. Donna has participated in facilitating the CWL Leadership Course, the Catch the Fire and Parish Executive Training presentations. In 2013 Donna joined the Toronto Diocesan Council as Recording Secretary and presently holding the position of Treasurer to the Toronto Diocesan Council.
     Donna continues to be active in her home parish CWL council by assisting with the annual bazaars, rummage sales and other events. Donna is married with a son and daughter, is blessed with 5 grandsons and is now enjoying retirement after 30 years of service in the Insurance Accounting business.