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Toronto Diocesan Convention

Day 1:  Monday, 29th April, 2013

Our first day of convention contained a little bit of everything.  We opened with a beautiful Eucharistic celebration and the crowning of Mary.  Then we welcomed all, in particular special guests. We hear reports from a number of committee chairs.  The retiring regional chairs provided some hilarious relief in roasting the retiring president.

The evening brought us a wonderful speaker in the name of the Fr. Patrick Fitzpatrick CSSP and it ended with the presentation to our young people of the  Education awards.   A wonderful beginning .


Resolutions Dialogue Session Highlights

The resolution dialogue session was first introduced to our Toronto Diocesan members at our 2011 Annual Convention.  It was well received then and participation continues to grow each year.  This year 150+ members attended to engage in discussions around two resolutions presented for consideration.  The sessions gave members the opportunity to discuss and formulate motions to strengthen the resolutions in an informal environment.   These motions will be presented during tomorrow’s business session.

There were 118 evaluation forms completed this year and all indicated that the dialogue session was helpful and should be continued.  One evaluation form went so far as to suggest that attendance should be mandatory for all Parish Voting and Accredited delegates. When asked when we should continue to offer the session, the reasons included :

1)      Opportunity to strengthen the resolutions

2)      Opportunity to share opinions

3)      Opportunity to hear different viewpoints.

4)      Opportunity to hear from people with experience  related to the resolutions

5)      Opportunity to hear the pros and cons.

6)      Opportunity to ask questions and get answers .

7)      To gain a better understanding of the resolutions.

Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s dialogue session.

Below photograph shows the ladies in deep discussion during the dialogue session:


The Youth Awards evening was enhanced by the attendance of the award recipients and many of their family members.  This year Mary Mathews Public Speaking winner entertained the assembled with his humorous delivery of his winning speech on the benefits of “Laughter”.  It was also encouraging to have the Principal and teachers of the Mary Dobell ProLife literary contests present to enthusiastically support the winners.

We are looking forward to sharing in the further acknowledgement of all CWL youth awards winners in the school,  during the upcoming Catholic Education Week –May 5th  -10th 2013,


The two prestigious mentoring awards presentation : 1) Parish level  2) Auxiliary level


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Day 2: Tuesday, 30th April, 2013

Day 2 was filled with celebration starting with the resoluitions as both the two resolutions were adopted.  Followed by the membership awards to the councils who had more than 9 news members added to the council in 2012.  We had a special presentation by Frank Janetta from the Catholic cemeteries and then the election of the new Toronto Diocese Exectives.  We ended the day with the Eucharist celebration and were blessed to have 19 priests at our Mass celebration, spiritual advisors from various councils across Toronto Diocese.  For the evening banquet we had Fr. Kennedy lead the head table with the "piped" music which was graced with the presence of His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, His Excellency Vincent Nguyen and some of the Regional Spiritual Advisors.

Councils were recognized on their special milestones and achievements.  21 Councils celebrated special anniversaries in 2012 and 9 councils had significant increases in their memberships ranging from 10 to 37 new members.  Council presidents were in attendance to accept their congratulations certificates.

President's word of wisdom: I have been stopped on the convention floor two years in a row now, receiving vote of confidence from members attending the convention "Watching you women up there so inspiring - you are so professional and articulate.  You show your sense of humour and your knowledge of the league.  You set such a good example".