Christine Abela - Newsletter Co-Editor

      Christine and family immigrated to Canada from Malta in 1982, settled in Mississauga then moved to Montreal, and returned to Ontario in 1996. She joined the St. Justin, Martyr CWL Council, Unionville in 2002 and has served as vice-president, president and past president; she is now Communications chair of her council.
     While in Montreal she worked part-time at the English-speaking Catholic Centre in the Communications department where the Catholic Times Montreal was produced. It was a monthly newspaper, distributed to the English-speaking parishes, where news of various religious events, including the Montreal CWL councils' activities were published. She also volunteered with Birthright Montreal.
     Christine has been married to Edward for 51 years and has three married children. She enjoys travelling (both sons live abroad), the theatre, classical music, sewing, and loves being grandmother to her eight grandchildren.