CGL - Sts. Peter and Paul

Catholic Girl's League, Sts. Peter and Paul Council, Mississauga

On 27th October, a new Catholic Girl’s League (CGL)was formed in Peel Region at Sts Peter & Paul Parish, Mississauga, . This was all due to the President and the three CWL members in the council, along with the Toronto Diocesan Christian Family life Chair (Philomena Menezes) and the Peel Regional Chair (Val Egerton). It was a privilege for me to witness it all as the thirteen girls were so eager to join. Their first meeting is on 10th November, and I know that in no time they will increase and multiple their membership as the two CWL mentors has big plans on membership increase.

The parents of the girls were invited by the council at the session to enlighten and inform them on the roles and work that will be carried out by the CGL and ask questions. They were indeed happy to see the well-organized session.

Seated in front are the CGL officers.

At the back: rest of the CGL girls, along with the two CWL members in blue (Natalie Meier, and Aurora Chavez, they are the CGL mentors), along with their Council President, Virginia Estevez, and Christian family chair, Shelly Scott and Ann D’Souza, Toronto Diocesan President.