Celestine Hall

Toronto Archdiocesan President 2003 - 2005 
Member since 1971
Life Member 2007
     Celestine belongs to the St Dunstan CWL council, Scarborough.
     These are the Executive positions held and level during her time in the CWL: at the Parish level- president-elect/organization; president; past president; treasurer. At the Regional level- treasurer; organization; resolutions; communications; regional chair; past regional chair.
     And at the Archdiocesan level- recording secretary; resolutions; spiritual development standing committee chair; president-elect/organization; president, past president
     The following is the list of work done on special League projects (briefs, archives, committees, meetings, presentations, etc), including work as a provincial sub-committee chairperson.
     At the Parish level she encourages members to assist in the parish/community. She established volunteer mixed group to decorate/clean church, and encouraged training courses for ladies of parish.
     At the Regional level she organized fundraising. Then for the both the provincial/national 1996 conventions she was the registration chair and organized the ladies from Scarborough Region to assist. Celestine was also one of the original GROW presenters. She also set up archives for region Time at the Archdiocesan level was very busy- preparing 5 resolutions in 2 years; public speaking course facilitator, co-convener for provincial convention 2005; and presentations to new councils. Also, her League work included training new executives; work on Millennium committee for the Archdiocese of Toronto; member of board and promoter of Holy Childhood Assoc. Plus was a member of the Pontifical Missions Society. Celestine also prepared communications workshops, skills for entire archdiocese; prepared skits for meetings.
     As the League is always growing and changing, there are needs to update resources available to the members, Celestine spent two years modifying The Parish Executive Training, training the trainers, organizing the groups that are to deliver the program to the councils and keeping records and preparing reports for the Archdiocesan President. She personally delivered the program to 10 councils in the archdiocese.
     Celestine was also a co-convener for the 2009 Toronto Archdiocesan Convention Again in 2011, Celestine brought together the Ladies of Scarborough Region to assist at the National Convention. Celestine was the Chairperson of the Registration & Credentials and Tickets for the 2011 National Convention which Toronto Diocese hosted.
     As a Life Member she has always assisted in Scarborough Region when called upon.
     Standing committees of most interest to Celestine are: Resolutions; communications; spiritual development & Education and Health 
   Celestine has a varied educational background which she has brought the skills learned to assist the League: the list is varied and unique: Graduate in Horticultural Sciences – University of Guelph and Humber College; Graduate of Psychology Program – George Brown College; Graduate of Library Sciences – Seneca College.
     Her work experience also has been beneficial to the League. Celestine started her work experience in offices and banks, giving her concept skills for organization and financial responsibility of any organization to its members.
     Her work experiences require her to understanding Microsoft office applications; as she was an administrative assistant (5 years) for landscaping firm; instructor, 6 years Humber College horticultural sciences and design courses, set exams.
     The career choice at this time is that of a School Librarian, and she has been 20 years with the TCDSB maintaining 3 school libraries, 2 computer labs; computer course instructor, maintain databases for online catalogue. 
     In planning for her retirement, she has written a novel waiting on publication and one children’s book, same.
     Between Family & CWL responsibilities, her next career with be that of a writer, something she wanted to do her whole life.
     As Celestine would say “Not really retirement, but continuing to use the gifts given to me by GOD.”