Objective:  The overall goal of the contest is to encourage each Parish Councils/Region to STUDY and ACT ON existing resolutions. 


Contest  Details:

  • The contest will be in place for the months of  JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH and  APRIL of 2011
  • Each Parish Council that completes ONE ACTION  specific to an existing past resolution can submit a ballot entry.
  • Each  Parish Council and/or Region that submits an entry will be recognized and details posted on the Archdiocesan Web-Site.
  • Each Parish Council that completes an ACTION,  will also be eligible for a monthly draw.
  • Each month, a ballot will be drawn and the winning Parish Council of the draw will get a FREE  REGISTRATION for one member to attend the  Archdiocesan Annual Convention in May.  They can in turn use this to pay for their president or have a draw to pay for another member of their own council etc.

Contest  RULES:

  • The CONTEST will run for the months of  JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH and APRIL 2011
  • ONE  WINNING  BALLOT will be drawn each month
  • The ACTION must be something that is done as a COUNCIL. i.e. It cannot be something that one member does all by themselves.
  • The Entry must be for an ACTION which has been completed in the same month as or in the month just prior to the month the entry is submitted.  
  • The ACTION must be specific to a past resolution.  The resolution may have been passed at any level.

How to Submit Entries:

  • Complete the template giving details as to the ACTION taken and submit by the end of the month in which the action was taken.  
  • If more than ONE ACTION has been completed in any of the contest months then a council / or councils can submit more than one entry per month.
  • Entry templates may be sent by email  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email Mary or call her directly.  Mary’s address and phone # can be found on the inside cover of the Toronto Archdiocesan Council Newsletter.