100th Anniversary


Click Here August 5th 2019  
Click Here April 25th 2019

Commemorative TDC 100th Anniversary Pins will be available for purchase at a cost of $10.00 each at the upcoming

 Fall Region

al Meetings or contact marytuccitto@hotmail.com   

 Our first project was a challenge to all creative CWL members to suggest a logo for us.  To see the challenge rules please click here click here      

We appreciate those who took the time to send us entries. They were all very thoughtfully done, but as in all things, we did have to pick only one.

The one we selected was designed by Irene Debono from Transfiguration Parish Council, and her daughter Alise Sanborn.

We believe it is a logo to help us focus on this 100th celebration of our vibrant past, our energetic activities of today and our enthusiastic anticipation of what we can become.

We think it fits very well with Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel in the middle, and our name on her cape. The seal surrounded by the years and the motto at the bottom which flows from the League’s new mission statement speaks to our past, the present and what we wish to be.


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