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This form is used when submitting your council's donations to the following scholarship funds to the the TDC Treasurer:
-  St. Michael's Scholarship Fund
-  Hope for Children Foundation Scholarship Fund (Catholic Children's Aid Society)

Remember to make your cheque payable to The Catholic Women's League of Canada not the Scholarhsip Fund.

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ELECTION - Nomination Form

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For this award, we ask you to nominate that special person who has, through her compassion and kindness, knowledge and active encouragement, promoted growth in other members of the League.  Special note should be made of the nominee's support and encouragement of others to move into executive positions and/or to progress to other challenging positions beyond. Include as much information as you know, individually or with others, about the nominee's CWL service, as well as her dedication and support to your council and/or to other CWL members.

"Mentoring in the League can be defined as a sustaining relationship between two people; a discipleship; a dynamic relationship in which one member enables another to maximize the grace of God in her life, to become Christlike, a servant and a steward." 

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor and a pilgrim companion to the other in her journey with the Lord.  A mentor shares and nurtures, encourages growth and renewal, responds to the needs of others and shares her experience and her insight.

Mentors can assist the mentee in:
            - understanding League history and protocol
            - appreciating the mission of the League
            - identifying and using available resources
            - explaining League policy and procedure
            - developing leadership strategies and skills

Mentors can support the mentee by:
            - passing on life skills
            - acknowledging giftedness
            - offering nurturing and friendship
            - encouraging the exploration of options
            - acting as a sounding board
            - sharing one's own spiritual journey
            - praying for and with the mentee

A mentor does this by calling on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with which she has been blessed:
            * Wisdom – assisting in decisions
            * Understanding – appreciating the needs of individuals
            * Counsel – listening, advising and helping when needed
            * Fortitude – firm in upholding the values of The League
            * Knowledge – sharing information of The League
            * Piety – showing by example
            * Fear of The Lord – respect for others

All of the above also require upholding the OBJECTS OF THE LEAGUE, found in the Constitution and Bylaws of The Catholic Women's League of Canada. The above criteria are listed as a guide to assist you in preparing your nomination of individuals for both Category A and  Category B of the mentoring award, using the following qualifiers:

Category A – Parish Level
All members of a parish council who meet the detailed criteria are eligible for the Parish Level of the Patricia Beattie Annual Memorial Mentoring Award.

Category B – Auxiliary Level
Members who have gone on to serve at various levels of the League (regional, diocesan, provincial or national) and have used their knowledge and experiences to educate and mentor at different levels of the League, are eligible for the Auxiliary Level of the Award.

Please note: Members of the present Diocesan Council executive, including regional chairs are not eligible for nomination during their term. 
Please feel free to re-submit a nomination for either Award that you might have submitted in previous years, for a member who has not yet been chosen.

Your  submission for 2014 must be submitted by April 10, 2014 (extended from March 31, 2014).  The committee will review the submissions and the winners will be presented with their Awards at the Toronto 2014 Diocesan Convention. Click here to access the Nomination form. 

If you have any questions regarding this Award, please contact the Toronto Diocesan Past President/Historian. Her contact information can be found on the inside front cover of the Toronto Diocesan Newsletter or you can send your inquiry via the Contact Us button at the top of this page.


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